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Capt. Dickerson, of the Ponderosa Fire Department, takes a reporter on a tour by boat through a subdivision in Houston near Cypress Creek. Hundreds of people have been removed from the flooded-out homes over the past 24 hours. Dickerson said he’s seen and heard of people on their second floors, in their attics, on their roofs or even in trees — and some are still refusing to leave.

Source: Think you’ve seen it all in Houston? Neighborhood of…

Texas Refineries Flooded


“A chemical plant in Baytown, Texas, is under attack by water. Baytown is about 35 miles east of Houston.”

Houston, Before and After Harvey – Video –

Elderly Couple Rescued from Flooded Homem Dickinson, TX – CNN

Port Aransas


Houston flooding expected to get worse before it gets better

CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann joins CBSN amid a lull in Tropical Storm Harvey. But officials say flooding is expected to get worse before it gets better.

A Look at Why Houston Floods | NBC Nightly News

Experts say the “bayou city” is so vulnerable to floods — not only because it is low-lying — because explosive growth in the metro area has added 25 percent more pavement in the last 15 years, repl…

Rockport, Texas 8/26/17

We spotted this H-E-B disaster relief convoy staged just outside Goliad, TX. NBC DFW #Harvey

Brian Curtis NBC58 hrs · 

Houston Highways and Airport Flooded Houston under water Hurricane Harvey #Houston



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