Sea of misery: An aerial view shows the astonishing extent of the flooding around Tewkesbury

Floods trap 10,000 on the M5 as Armed Forces are called in

By GLEN OWEN – Last updated at 00:00am on 22nd July 2007 The largest rescue airlift in post-war Britain was under way as tens of thousands of flood victims were caught up in what emergency services described as ‘mayhem and chaos’. As widescale floods forced overstretched rescuers to call in the Army and RAF, officials warned that two of the biggest rivers in the South West were ready to burst their banks.

The torrential downpours, which stretched from South Wales to Humberside, led to astonishing scenes on the M5, with up to 10,000 vehicles left stranded overnight in a 40-mile gridlock.

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Floods trap 10000 on the M5 as Armed Forces are called in – Daily Mail